who we are

In early 2015, Gaylon Hughes Sr. had an idea. The idea that would soon come to fruition. That idea was: Total Circuit Fitness. When he got the idea, the ball kept going. First, getting his logo to, acquiring his first clients and partners. then finally expanding his specialties to merchandise. Total Circuit Fitness is finally finding it's place and we are just getting started. 

our values

Total Circuit Fitness established early on their values to success. Those values were: motivation, the drive to complete something when you are struggling and patience, the acceptance or tolerance of the fact that some things don't come quickly. 


By Aaron from Total Circuit

At Total Circuit Fitness, pride ourselves on diversity. We all come from different places and backgrounds and that's what gives TCF such a great environment. We are all here for our own goals and hopes but they all revolve around a physical or mental satisfaction. We must help and support each other to reach those. 


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