"I Knew I Was Right Where I Belonged"

Why should you join Total Circuit Fitness? It's an awesome gym? Of course! To be honest, I am biased because I work for this gym. But, I have someone else tell you why you should join Total Circuit Fitness.

"...I was searching for gyms where I felt at home, where I fit in, and where I felt my results mattered. That's where I found TCF (Total Circuit Fitness) and I thought I would give it a try. Then I walked in, and I saw all the positive quotes on the wall and I knew I was right where I belonged."

This quote comes from Total Circuit Fitness veteran, Nicole Reno. Nicole Reno joined us in the winter of 2018 where she began taking classes at our old facility and doing personal training sessions with the owner, Nicole Reno. Reno instantly clicked with the facility and the atmosphere.

Like Reno emphasized, the atmosphere here at Total Circuit Fitness is remarkable. One of our main priorities, the first being results, is communal support. We try our hardest to curate workouts and training sessions that aren't just a team effort but a group effort. We promise when you arrive here you will not be disappointed.

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